Our Story

The crew of the Photoscope is three people with different background, but all with the same passion for photography and the historical photographic process:

Copyright Peter Bjerg

Copyright Peter Bjerg

Lene Grinde - Cand.scient.cons Photograph Conservator and Photographic Process Historian

Lene Grinde has been working with the historical photo techniques for many years as Photograph Conservator and teacher. Her interest in the photograph and the materials began in the 1990´s as she worked as a photographers assistents at Schillers on Nannasgade in Copenhagen. Back then all the works was done by analogue cameras using films and darkroom. The interest in the materials and photographic history led her to a masters degree in photo conservation at the School of Conservation, KADK and to a 2-years fellowship at the George Eastman House, Rochester NY.

Longside Lenes work with the historical processes, she is working as a Photograph Conservator restoring and conserving photographs for private customers, museums and archives.

In 2017 on Kulturnatten in Copenhagen The Photoscope in Rigensgade was realized by Lene as a place for workshops in alternative photographic processes and for sale of photographic art in the small gallery. In 2018 Mikkel and Peter joined in and are now a vital part of the Photoscope with their vast knowledge and love for the photographic media.

Current workshops in the Photoscope: 

Cyanotype printing” - The basic techniques for printing the blue photograms

Albumen printing” - How to make beautiful albumen prints from digital negatives followed by gold toning

The Making of Gelatin Glass Plate Negatives” - A three days workshop on making the silver bromide iodide emulsion, coating the glass plate, exposure in large format kamera and finally development of the negatives

Copyright Peter Bjerg

Copyright Peter Bjerg

Peter Bjerg - Portrait photographer and our eco-analoge expert. 

Peter specializes in portrait photography and eco-friendly darkroom processes.

His favorite style is clean and classic photography on 120mm film and gelatin silver print. Lately moving into 4x5 large format too, for ultimate picture quality, and also 35mm for that cool grainy look.

For portraits, Peter works in the tradition of the “sitting”, where the person being portrayed does not have to “do” anything but simply being present.  The more present, the better. The job of the photographer is then to use the light and framing to best capture this presence. It’s rather the character than biography that matters. It’s the timeless human qualities that Peter aims to capture. 

Peter has learned black & white analog photography way back in the 1970’ies, attending weekly classes in school. Later in life, he has been on the other side of the camera: as a model in New York working with world renowned photographers. New York fashion photography, at that time, was all about black & white photography and very natural looks, and Peter has continued to work with this natural look and approach in his own work as a photographer.

Lately, Peter is taking part in the eco friendly re-invention of analog photography: Abandoning dangerous chemicals and using household, mostly edible, ingredients for film- and paper development. “Caffenol”, the coffee-based film developer, is getting attention world wide in the analog community, but Peter’s home made developers goes beyond coffee to attain a wider variety of looks. For example, a beer-based paper developer yields untoned prints with subtle greytones and fine contrast.

You can see Peters work at www.peterbjerg.dk

Current workshops in the Photoscope: 

Analog Photography 101” - all the basic camera handling and tips on how to make a good picture.

 “Analog Photography 202” - How to work more creatively with analog photography. Covering all stages of capturing, developing and printing. 

 “Eco-friendly film and paper processing” - Caffenol, beer and other homemade developers”. You learn, hands on, how to blend and use homemade non-toxic developers with natural ingredients. 

Copyright Peter Bjerg

Copyright Peter Bjerg

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