The Grand Opening of The PHOTOSCOPE

The gallery and workshop is slowly coming alive in Rigensgade. Fore some months I have been working on the concept of the place. The scope. The name Photoscope pretty much says it all. Here is all about photography up fore investigation and wonder. The photograph is under the artistic and scientific microscope, the photoscope. The question is What does a photograph look like? Is it two or three dimensional? What is it made of? The standard ways of shooting and printing photographs are on trial here, as all possible traditional photographic techniques are aloud to be taken apart, put together and mixes in the name of photographic art. 

The workshops I want to hold are introduction to different photographic processes, alternative photographic processes. I hope for creative participants who dare to take the processes in new directions, in their own personal creative direction. This way I hope to see the photograph in new forms. 

The gallery will show photographs of alternative processes, the perfect results and the imperfect ones. I hope to find photographers and artists who want to show artwork, that stretches our perception of what a photograph is.

Big ambitions for a small workshop and gallery, but good things come from dreams.

Welcome in the Photoscope on the grand opening 13. October 2017 at 4pm.

Lene Grinde, owner and dreamer
The Gallery getting ready for opening on 13. October 2017

The Gallery getting ready for opening on 13. October 2017