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Two-day Workshop in WET PLATE COLLODION

Wet Plate Collodion Photography Week

Copenhagen Photo Festival


with Berliner Art Photographer DANIEL SAMANNS

June 9-10, 2018




Copyright Daniel Samanns

Copyright Daniel Samanns


Two-day Workshop in Wet Plate Collodion with Daniel Samanns

June 9-10th, 2018 from 10 - 19

The Photoscope is proud to give you the opportunity to learn from one of the contemporary masters of the historical Wet Plate Collodion process. In this two-day intensive workshop, Berlin Art Photographer Daniel Samanns will teach the basic skills you need to know to become a wet plate collodion photographer yourself.


With this workshop, we dive into the wonderful world of Frederic Scott Archer, when he invented the so called "Wet Plate Process" in 1851. Together we experience the secrets and revive this fascinating and almost forgotten photographic process.


The workshop includes cutting and grinding the glass plates, mixing and using the solutions for this awesome alchemistic process and working with antique wooden plate cameras. Our work takes us to what Daniel Samanns calls “Magic Moments”, when a wonderful and unique one-of-a-kind portrait photograph on glass appears in front of our eyes. 


This 2-day workshop is interesting for those who want to learn the process completely from scratch and then work with it.

The workshop is:

- 2-Day Intensive Workshop

- 8-9 hours per day, 10:30 until 19:30, 1 hour lunch break

- at The Photoscope Workshop & Gallery, Copenhagen

- max 4 participants

- €605 (4500 DKK)

- incl. materials

- incl. soft-drinks & snacks


The workshop is taught in English.


What You Need: Old Clothes that may get dirty & You!

What You Don´t Need: Photographic Knowledge = also for absolute beginners!


Please contact us for further information and for signing up at



Daniel Samanns is in Copenhagen for the Wet Plate Collodion Photography Week part of The Copenhagen Photo Festival in The Photoscope. Please find more information on the different events happening during this week from 7-17. of June 2018 at