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One-day workshop in Wet Plate Collodion

Wet Plate Collodion Photography Week

with Berliner Art Photographer DANIEL SAMANNS

April 7-15, 2018




 Copyright Daniel Samanns

Copyright Daniel Samanns

One-day Workshop in Wet Plate Collodion with Daniel Samanns

April 7, 2018 from 10 - 18


The Photoscope is proud to give you the opportunity to learn from one of the contemporary masters of the historical Wet Plate Collodion process, when Berlin Art Photographer Daniel Samanns is guiding us into the photographic world of 1851.


During this adventure day, we offer all those interested; photo enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals alike the opportunity to experience the making of the Wet Plate Collodion Photograph, known as the Ambrotype.


This one-day workshop is an introduction to the process where Daniel Samanns will show the process in its steps and where you can try out some of the different techniques. If you are interested in learning the process in order to be able to work with it yourself, we recommend the two-day workshop offered also during the Week of Wet Plate Collodion in The Photoscope, for more info check out the workshop calendar.


After an introduction to the collodion wet plate process, glass plates are coated under guidance and made light-sensitive in the darkroom.

At the antique wood-plate camera the participants set their own theme and lighting.

Then we develop the glass plate in the darkroom and approach the highlight of the day, the

"Magic moment", in which the picture clarifies itself in a wonderful way in the fixer.

Before our eyes the positive "picture on glass" appears; the Ambrotype.


After extensive washing and drying, the unique plate is finally sealed and protected by an oil of lavender varnish for eternity (ambrotos * gr. = immortal).


At the end of the day, each participant takes his/her Ambrotype plate home


The workshop is:

- 1 day introduction workshop

- 7-8 hours, 10 until 18, 1 hour lunch break

- at The Photoscope Workshop & Gallery, Copenhagen

- max 4 participants

- €250 (1860 DKK)

- including material

- including soft-drinks & snacks


NO PRIOR SKILLS REQUIRED for this workshop


The workshop is taught in English.


Please contact us for further information and for signing up at


Daniel Samanns is in Copenhagen for the Wet plate Collodion Photography Week in The Photoscope. Please find more information on the different events happening during this week of 7-15. of April 2018 at